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Global Jet Luxembourg - Silver Arrows


General Info /// Global Jet Luxembourg - Silver Arrows
Callsign 'Silver Arrows'
CEO or MD Mr. Antoine David, Managing Director
Address The HR Director
Global Jet Luxembourg
33 rue de gasperich
5826 hesperange
Mailing Address for CVs:</b>

Global Jet Luxembourg
Attention: Mr. Antoine David
PO Box 3087
L-1030 Luxembourg
Telephone +352 49 80 89
Global Jet Luxembourg website
Fleet Types 1 Boeing 767-300ER Corporate Airliner,
4 BBJ - Boeing 737NG Corporate Airliners,
5 ACJ - Airbus A318 Elite Corporate Airliners,
2 G650 - Gulfstream G650 Corporate Jets,
2 G550 - Gulfstream G550 Corporate Jets,
1 G450 - Gulfstream G450 Corporate Jet,
2 BD700 - Bombardier Global Express Corporate Jets,
1 BD700XRS - Bombardier Global Express Corporate Jet,
1 BD700 - Bombardier Global 5000 Corporate Jet,
1 BD850 - Bombardier Challenger 850 Corporate Jet,
1 CL300 - Bombardier Challenger 300 Corporate Jet,
1 EMB135 - Embraer Legacy 600 Corporate Jet,
5 DA7X - Dassault Falcon 7X Corporate Jets,
2 DA90C - Dassault Falcon 900C Corporate Jets,
1 DA90EX - Dassault Falcon 900EX Corporate Jet,
1 DA90DX - Dassault Falcon 900DX Corporate Jet,
1 DA2000 - Dassault Falcon 2000 Corporate Jet,
1 DA50EX - Dassault Falcon 50EX Corporate Jet,
3 HS125 - Hawker 4000 Corporate Jets,
1 LR31A - Learjet 31A Corporate Jet,
1 CE550 - Cessna Citation II Corporate Jet.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles Pilots live all over Europe, and then have a Work Schedule - 20 ON / 10 OFF or 15 ON / 15 OFF.

Pilots mainly based in Moscow when on duty.

Executive Charters around the globe. Mostly flying for private aircraft owners.

Pilots live all over Europe, and then have a Work Schedule - 20 ON / 10 OFF or 15 ON / 15 OFF. Mainly in Moscow when on duty.

Company operates 60 aircraft and employs over 260 pilots. Operates under business names Global Jet Luxembourg, Global Jet Concept, and Global Jet Austria.

Alliance Global Jet Concept Group
Last Update 2016/12/29: Fleet, URLs Updated.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Global Jet Luxembourg - Silver Arrows

* Must hold JAA/EASA Pilot Licence and Medical.
* Must hold valid EU Passport / Citizenship.
* Must have legal right to live and work in Europe.

Pilot Hiring
Jobs - Global Jet Luxembourg
Online Application
Unsolicited Application Link - Global Jet
Mr. Xavier Ledonne, Chief Pilot
Mr. Antoine David, Director

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