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General Info /// Gestair
Callsign 'Gestair'
Address Gestair
C/ Anabel Segura 11 - 2C
28108 Alcobendas
Madrid, Spain
Telephone +34 913 123 000
Gestair Website
Fleet Types Airliner & Airliner Cargo Fleet:

3 Airbus A340-300 Airliners,
3 Airbus A321-100 Airliners,
1 Boeing B767-300F Freighter (TNT),
2 Boeing B757-200PCF Freighters.

Corporate Jet Fleet:

3 BD700 Bombardier Global Express Corporate Jets,
1 G550 Gulfstream Corporate Jet,
1 G-V Gulfstream Corporate Jet,
1 Falcon 900B Corporate Jet,
4 Falcon 2000 Corporate Jets,
1 ERJ135 Embraer Legacy Corporate Jet,
1 Hawker 900XP Corporate Jet,
1 Hawker 800XP Corporate Jet,
1 Hawker 700 Corporate Jet,
1 Hawker 400XP Corporate Jet,
1 LR60 LearJet 60 Corporate Jet,
1 LR55 LearJet 55B Corporate Jet,
1 LR40 LearJet 40 Corporate Jet,
1 Gulfstream 200 Galaxy Corporate Jet,
1 CE560EP Citation Encore Plus Corporate Jet,
3 CE525 Cessna CJ Corporate Jets,
2 RA39 Premier I Corporate Jets,
1 PC12 Pilatus EFIS Turboprop,
1 B350 Beechcraft Super King Air Turboprop.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Notes Conduct Corporate Charters throughout Europe and beyond. Also operate Cargo Division, Wet-Lease Airline Division on behalf of Iberia, and Flight Training.
Last Update 2017/02/14: Fleet and Personnel Updated.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Gestair
Employer Notes See Pilot Hiring Page below for further information.

Apply through Online Application Form only (attaching your CV).
Restrictions * Must hold valid EU Passport / Citizenship.
* Must have legal right to live and work in Europe.
* Must hold JAA/EASA Pilot Licence and Medical.
Pilot Hiring
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Online Application
Online Application Form - Gestair
Mr. Juan Trinidad, Director of Operations - Gestair Private Jets