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General Info /// Grant Aviation
Address Grant Aviation
Flight Operations
4451 Aircraft Drive
Anchorage, AK 99502
Telephone 907 644-4306 / Chief Pilot
Grant Aviation Website
Fleet Types 3 BE20 Super King Air 200 Turboprops,
2 PA31-350 Piper Navajo Chieftains,
12 Cessna C208B Grand Caravans,
2 GA8 Gippsland Airvan Singles
4 Cessna C207 Stationair Singles.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles PANC - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport / Anchorage AK
PABE - Bethel Airport / Bethell AK
PAEN - Kenai Airport / Kenai AK
PAEM - Emmonak Airport / Emmonak AK
PADL - Dillingham Airport / Dillingham AK
PAKN - King Salmon Airport / King Salmon AK
PACD - Cold Bay Airport / Cold Bay AK
PADU - Dutch Harbor Airport / Dutch Airport AK

Specialize in Regional Charters, Sched Services, as well as Air Ambulance Medevac Flights throughout Alaska. Serve more than 50 communities from eight bases across the state.

Last Update 2016/09/29: Pilot Domiciles Updated.
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Grant Aviation
Employer Notes

Grant Aviation is a year round employer that offers competitive pay and benefits:

• We provide housing, as well as transportation to and from work.
• All full-time employees are automatically covered by long-term disability.

• Promotions are based on seniority and merit.
• Jumpseat agreements with multiple major airlines

• Most pilots work a 20/10 Schedule (20 days ON, 10 days OFF) or 15/15 (15 days ON, 15 days OFF).

Please see Pilot Hiring / Careers Webpage below for more information.



* Must be legally entitled to live and work in the USA.
* Must hold FAA Pilot License and Medical.

Pilot Hiring
Grant Aviation - Careers
Ulla Rasilainen,
Chief Pilot
Recruitment Email