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General Info /// Titan Airways
Callsign 'Zap'
CEO or MD Mr. Gene Willson, MD
Address Pilot Recruitment
Titan Airways
Enterprise House,
Stansted Airport
Essex, UK
CM24 1QW
Telephone +44 (0) 1279 680 616
Titan Airways website
Fleet Types 1 Boeing B767-300ER Widebody Airliner,
2 Boeing B757-200 Airliners,
2 Airbus A321-200 Airliners,
3 Airbus A320-200 Airliners,
1 Boeing B737-300F Freighter,
3 Boeing B737-300QCs Airliners.

Titan Executive

1 CE525A Cessna Citation CJ2+ Corporate Jet,
1 E505 Embraer Phenom 300 Corporate Jet.
Pilot Bases / Domiciles EGSS - London Stansted Airport / London ENGLAND

EGCC - Manchester International Airport / Manchester UK
(Manchester base - seasonal lease of A321's to Jet2)

Charter Airline provides short notice airliners for VIP Transfer, Charter Services, Cargo Services, etc as well as Charter Services on smaller Citation jet. Night Cargo Flights for Royal Mail on B737F.

'Titan Executive' - offers Charter Jet Services and crew transfers as required.

Alliance Royal Mail, Saxon Group
Last Update 2016/12/29: Information Updated
Pilot Recruitment Info /// Titan Airways
Employer Notes

See Pilot Hiring Webpage below for more information.  Register your details in their Online Recruitment Section.


* Must hold valid EU Passport / Citizenship.
* Must have legal right to live and work in Europe.
* Must hold JAA/EASA Pilot Licence and Medical.

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