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10 hurt as Shaheen Air B737 jet overshoots runway

2015 11 03

Reports coming in from Pakistan state, local carrier Shaheen Air has skidded off the runway at Lahore’s international airport early Tuesday.

Images emerging on social media, posted by Twitter user Fahad Ishtiaq, show a Shaheen Air aircraft on its belly on a grassy knoll, with what appears to be damage to the aircraft’s engine and landing gear.

Emergency slides have also been deployed for passengers on board flight NL142.

According to the Twitter handle of the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, the flight was ferrying passengers from Karachi and approaching landing in Lahore, when it ran off the runway; rescue efforts are under way.

Citing sources, Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ stated out of 276 passengers on board, at least 10 were injured during the Shaheen Air emergency landing.

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