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Mitsubishi Regional Jet Schedules First Flight

2015 11 10

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), Japan's first commercial jet in half a century, will take to the air for its first flight on Wednesday, November 11.

A successful flight at Nagoya Airport in central Japan on Wednesday morning will mark a major step forward for Mitsubishi Aircraft in fulfilling a pledge to deliver the first MRJ in June 2017 to Japanese carrier ANA.

Mitsubishi also aims to use the regional jet, which has just under 100 seats, to supplant Bombardier as the world's second biggest maker of smaller passenger jets behind Embraer.

So far the MRJ has secured 223 firm orders from airline operators, most recently in January, when Japan Airlines ordered 32 planes.

The biggest single order - for 100 aircraft - is from Trans State Holdings, a company that operates three regional US airlines.

The MRJ is Japan's first commercial passenger aircraft since the 60-seat YS-11 entered service 50-years ago.