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HK Express Adds New Aircraft

HK Express Adds New Aircraft

2015 12 22

2015 12 22


Its full steam ahead for Hong Kong’s most on-time airline HK Express, which has announced plans to add 10 more new aircraft to its earlier orders of new A321 and A320neo. Between the new additions and ongoing developments, the low-fare airline is on track to reach 50 aircraft by 2018.

HK Express has secured 10 more 230-seat A321 aircraft, bringing the total commitment so far to 12. This investment, follows the airline’s recently announced order of 12 188-seat A320neo aircraft, which will be leased from the international aircraft lessor Arctic Aviation Assets Ltd.

“We are delighted to work with HK Express to support their expanding network with the most modern and fuel-efficient equipment in the industry,” says Tore Jenssen, COO of Arctic Aviation Assets Ltd.

HK Express will finish 2015 with 13 aircraft, with a further 2 A320s to be delivered in January 2016, slightly later than planned. During 2016 the first 6 new aircraft will arrive (4 x A320neo, 2 x A321), boosting the total fleet count up to 21 by the end of 2016. The further 10 aircraft additions announced today will be delivered during 2017 and 2018 taking HK Express’ committed fleet growth to 39 aircraft by end 2018, with a target of 50 aircraft by end 2018 (subject to Hong Kong International Airport slot availability).

“HK Express has seen tremendous demand over the past two years, and accordingly the airline is growing in every aspect, from aircraft to routes to employees,” said Andrew Cowen, CEO of HK Express. “We are actively looking for more ways to substantially grow our route network, underpinned by further aircraft investment, whilst finding ways to solve an increasingly difficult slot environment at our home base of Hong Kong International Airport.”

While expanding its fleet, HK Express has focused on new, fuel- and noise-efficient aircraft with the latest technology. Larger, more efficient aircraft will enable cost savings for the airline, which can be passed on to Guests. The A320neo, which stands for new engine option, are particularly efficient thanks to energy-efficient engines that enable average fuel savings of 20% per flight.

The new aircraft will also help HK Express optimize its services too. The largest aeroplanes — which can hold up to 230 Guests compared with the current capacity of 180 — can accommodate more Guests on each route and, as a result maximise the use of limited airport parking bays and take-off and landing slots. Likewise, the larger planes will enable the airline to operate more red-eye flights and take advantage of off-peak timings.

These cutting-edge aircraft will not only enable growth in HK Express’ increasingly popular low fare services, but it will also create new job opportunities whilst minimising the airline’s environmental footprint.

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