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Transport Canada clears Buffalo Airways

2016 01 15

Buffalo Airways has been cleared to fly commercially by Transport Canada.

The federal safety authority announced Jan. 12 it had reinstated the company’s air operator certificate, which was suspended on Nov. 30 because of its “poor aviation safety record.” The company has been hiring charter aircraft to service its customers since.

“Buffalo Airways’ corrective action addresses Transport Canada’s concerns regarding the company’s safety record and its ability to keep its operations consistently compliant with aviation safety regulations,” a press release said. “Transport Canada will closely monitor Buffalo Airways to verify that its corrective action is implemented and sustained.”

Sol Taboada, co-owner of DTI Training Consortium and DTI Training Canada Ltd., was hired by Buffalo to help it return to the skies. He told the Journal on Jan. 5 the corrective actions had to do with recordkeeping.

“If you don’t have the document that says you did something, you didn’t do it,” he said. “These people are prevalent in the aviation industry. They just want to fly or fix the plane and aren’t interested in paperwork. So when an inspector says ‘show me your checklist,’ and they respond that they don’t know or they can’t find it, they have to assume you didn’t do it.”

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