New Pilots

Iran Job Scam Warning - ATA Air

2016 04 02

This is the third warning that we are sending out to our pilot audience.


First Point - our recommendation is to never pay funds online to anyone you have not met in person. 


Second Point - a company calling itself ATA Air (Iran) posted what we believe to have been a fraudulent Pilot Job Posting. After receiving a number of applications, the company has been contacting applicants and conducting quick Skype Chats.  From there, they are asking pilots to transfer funds to a Western Union Account in Iraq to help fund a Type Rating Course in Hungary, supposedly coming up in September.  They have even given the pilots a deadline of April 10th to make the online payment/transfer. 


In our opinion this company and this opportunity is a scam.  Fraud.  Please protect yourself and never transfer funds to people and a company you know nothing about. 


Thank you for reading - please pass on to your friends.


The PCC Team