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Pilot Shortage - 2016 and Beyond

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If you have an interest in aviation or in becoming a pilot, there is no time like the present!

We hear the following statements all the time:

"Flight Schools have been forecasting a 'pilot shortage' for 30+ years!"... "Is there really a shortage?"... "I know a guy who has applied all over and cannot get a job anywhere!"... "Clearly it's the same old scam, right?!"

ANSWER — there is a Massive Pilot Shortage – today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

The first step in understanding the Pilot Shortage is to look at the factors that have created it:

  • High Levels of Retirements (pilots turning 65) in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia/NZ…
  • Global Aviation Growth alongside economic growth in India, Africa, USA, Asia Pacific, NZ, USA, etc.
  • Airplane Technologies (B787, A350) enabling flights between cities never before connected
  • Massive Growth of the Gulf Airlines and Turkish Airlines
  • New long-range VIP Jets allowing the ultra-rich to cross oceans without a fuel stop
  • Massive expansion of Low Cost / Ultra-Low Cost Airlines across the globe
  • Very low salaries at the Regionals causing years of low intake levels
  • Low Oil Prices increasing airline profits - enabling short-term growth demand
  • Introduction of fuel-efficient Regional Turboprops allowing services to smaller towns
  • The growth of seaplane infrastructure and efficiencies for popular coastal communities.

PCC is a group of pilots who share a passion for aviation. We have spent 20+ years flying across the globe and have never seen anything like this shortage. As Airline Captains, we want to pass on what we are seeing / experiencing. See the Latest News and PCC Blogs below – our aim here is to inform you and to help you to best position yourself for an amazing career in the sky.

Pilot Shortage News /// Global
Air Wisconsin hiring more than 400 pilots as it returns to United Express 2017/04/19 USA
Indian Govt awards 128 regional routes to Air India, SpiceJet among others 2017/04/04 ASIA
India overtakes Japan to become 3rd Largest In Domestic Air Traffic 2017/03/27 ASIA
BAA Training Invites Future Wizz Air Cadets to Meet in Warsaw 2017/03/18 EUROPE
Women in Aviation 2017: We're Hiring 2017/03/10 GLOBAL
Alaska Airlines to hire 2,300 new employees 2017/03/06 USA
Regional airlines warn of pilot shortage 2017/03/06 USA
Pilot shortage has major airlines looking to fill cockpit seats 2017/02/23 USA
BAA Training Adds ATR 72-600 2017/02/08 EUROPE
Austrian Starts Training Pilots at the European Flight Academy 2017/02/03 EUROPE
CommutAir to Partner with ATP Flight School 2017/01/24 USA
Indian Airlines capacity to jump to 25% over next 3-4 years 2016/12/28 ASIA
Hillsboro Aero Academy and Horizon sign agreement for Pilot Training 2016/12/13 USA
Chinese Airlines Are Flooding the World With Super-Cheap Airfares 2016/12/13 ASIA
Canada faces impending shortage of aircraft mechanics and pilots 2016/12/08 CANADA
Jazz and Air Cadet League of Canada Sign Pilot Pathway Agreement 2016/12/07 CANADA
Jazz and Wasaya Airways sign pilot pathway agreement 2016/11/22 CANADA
Boeing Forecasts New Aircraft Demand 2016/11/22 OCEANIA
Envoy Boosts Industry-Leading Starting Pay to $60k 2016/11/17 USA
Austrian Again Looking to Hire 100 New Pilots in 2017 2016/11/16 EUROPE
Pilot Shortage Prompts U.S. Regional Airlines to Boost Starting Wages 2016/11/08 USA
Republic Airways Signs 20th Interview Partnership Agreement 2016/11/08 USA
DGCA seeks details from Jet Airways on cancelled flights 2016/11/05 ASIA
India launches regional aviation scheme to get more people flying 2016/10/24 ASIA
Why Does the U.S. Have an Airline Pilot Shortage? 2016/10/24 USA
Indian Low Cost Airlines on the rise.