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Luxembourg Air Ambulance delivering another patient.
Pilot Jobs /// Global
Forest Fire Detection / Imagery 2017 — Cessna 337 Discovery Air Fire Services CANADA
Type Rated Captains — ATR42-500 / ATR72-500 Precision Air - Tanzania AFRICA
Flight Follower — Pilot in Waiting Summit Helicopters CANADA
Ramp Attendant — Pilot in Waiting Summit Helicopters CANADA
Base Pilot — Bell 206/407 Summit Helicopters CANADA
Experienced Rated Captains — Airbus A320 Air Macau ASIA
Non-Type Rated First Officers — Airbus A320 Air Macau ASIA
Class 3 Flight Instructor — C 150 / C172 Singles Select Aviation CANADA
Captains — Airbus A320 (Indian ATPL) GoAir - India ASIA
Indian First Officers — Airbus A320 (Rated) GoAir - India ASIA
Rated/Non-Rated Wide-body Captains — A300-600F Uni-top Airlines - China ASIA
Rated/Non-Rated Captains — B747-8F / B747-400F Uni-top Airlines - China ASIA
Line Pilot — DHC-3T Floatplane - Juneau AK Wings Airways USA
Captain — CJ3 + Citation X Corporate Jets EPA USA
Direct Entry Captain — A320 Gulf Air - Bahrain MENA
Captains — Beech 1900D Turboprop EVAS Air CANADA
Pilot Jobs /// Global
Captains — Beech 1900C Turboprop Equaflight Service Congo AFRICA
Corporate Pilot — Cessna 525/525A - CJ Jet Midwest Transplant Network USA
Captains — LearJet 60 - Teterboro NJ JetSelect Aviation USA
Captains — LearJet 60 - Columbus, OH JetSelect Aviation USA
Chief Pilot - Part 141 Flight School — C172 PA44 Skymates Flight Academy USA
Captains — Beech 1900 - YMX SkyLink Express CANADA
First Officers — Embraer Legacy Jets (in German) Air Hamburg EUROPE
Captains — Embraer Legacy Jets (in German) Air Hamburg EUROPE
Captains — Beech Super King Air B200 GS Aviation - Madagascar AFRICA
CFI Instructor - Part 61/141 — Cessna 172, PA23 Aztec AMS Aviation USA
Captains — Beech 1900 & King Air C90 Malian Aero Company AFRICA
Flight Instructors — Cessna C172 Skyhawk Border City Aviation CANADA
Co Pilot – International Operations — Bell 212 / Bell 205 Guardian Helicopters Inc. CANADA
Captains — CE208B Grand Caravan - Great Bend KS Planemasters USA
Captains — CE208B Grand Caravan - Salina KS Planemasters USA
Captains — CE208B Grand Caravan - Spencer IA Planemasters USA
Boeing B737NG in Edmonton Sunset
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Pilot Jobs /// Global
Direct Entry Captains — Pilatus PC12 - Numerous Bases PlaneSense, Inc. USA
Captains — A320 - ACMI - Summer European bases Avion Express EUROPE
Instructeur de vol — BE23 Sundowner, PA31 Navajo Centre québécois de formation aéronautique CANADA
Direct Entry Captains — Boeing B777 Emirates Airline - Dubai MENA
First Officers — Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 Fleets Emirates Airline - Dubai MENA
Experienced Captains — Airbus A320 Spring Airlines ASIA
International Ab-Initio Cadet Pilots — Various Airliners Singapore Airlines Group ASIA
Captain-Instructor Pilot — Gulfstream G-V Corporate Jet MJets Limited (Thailand) ASIA
First Officers — B744 B748 B767 Atlas Air Inc. USA
First Officers — A320 - Poland & German bases Small Planet Airlines EUROPE
Captains — A320 - Poland, Germany, and France bases Small Planet Airlines EUROPE
Non Rated First Officers — Boeing B737-500 Jatayu Airlines - Indonesia ASIA
Fully Funded Cadet Scheme — Airbus A320 IAGO and Thomas Cook EUROPE
Rated First Officers — Bombardier Q400 Turboprop Luxair EUROPE
Rated First Officers — Boeing B737NG Luxair EUROPE
Non-Rated First Officers — Bombardier Q400 / B737NG Luxair EUROPE
FAA First Officer — Challenger 604 - Bucharest, Romania El Paso Oil LTD EUROPE
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