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Captain - SA227 Metroliner - Chesterfield MO


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Ameriflight, the nation's largest Part 135 cargo airline, is seeking qualified Flight Crew Members to help us provide unparalleled service and value for our customers, with the highest dedication to safety, innovation and teamwork.  

With nearly 50 years in the airline industry and strong culture of safety and service, Ameriflight is known for producing the highest quality aviators. Our pilots develop the skills to become safe, competent and confident professionals, and our updated training program is designed to help them succeed. Whether you are at the beginning of your airline career; still wanting to fly after age 65; or just wanting to fly a stable schedule from an airport close to home, we have a spot for you on the Ameriflight team!
Ameriflight operates over 170 aircrafts with more than 2,000 weekly departures from 18 bases across the United States and Puerto Rico.

About the position:
- Flights typically operate 5-days per week departing in the morning and returning in the evening, with lodging provided at the outstation.
- Schedules may vary depending on base and flight.
- Ameriflight pilots average 60 flight hours per month, or 720 hours per year.
- Must operate your aircraft in a safe and efficient manner
- May be required to assist loading and unloading cargo

Ideal Candidate Possess:

* FAA Pilot License, FAA Medical, US Passport
* 1,800 hours Total Time, 1,000 hours PIC, 250 hours Multi, 100 hours instrument, 100 hours Turbine. Previous FAR 121 or 135 experience a plus

Minimum Requirements – FAR 135.243(c):

- Must have 1,200 TT, 500 hours cross-country (defined at point to point), 75 hours instrument (50 must be in an aircraft), 100 hours at night
- Commercial Pilot License with Instrument rating, high performance and complex endorsements
- English Proficient
- First Class or Second Class Medical
- FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
- Current US Passport
- Eligible to work in the U.S., and travel unrestricted in and out of the U.S.
- Valid driver’s license
- Ability to lift 75 pounds

Pilot Benefits:

- We strive to provide our pilots a good work-life balance and are constantly working to improve our benefits.
- Flow-through program with Omni Air International and other carriers pending (check back to see new additions)
- Ability to bid specific base, equipment and route

- Jumpseat privileges with CASS partners, including Allegiant, Atlas Air, Mokulele, Seaborne, SkyWest, Southern Air, Southwest, Spirit, UPS, Virgin America and Western Global Airlines, FedEX
- Known Crew Member (KCM) privileges available
- Paid training, including transportation, lodging, and per diem
- Reimbursement for Pilot Medical Certificate

- Ameriflight training is designed to make our pilots safe, confident and competent – the cornerstone of a Professional flying career
- Company paid Type-Rating
- Twin-turbine PIC time
- 20% annual retention bonus (after 24 months)

- For pilots with previous 121 or 135 experience, a $10,000 bonus at the completion of IOE and another $10,000 bonus at 18 months after hire date
- Competitive Salary
- Full Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits
- Company provided Life Insurance
- 401K
- Vacation (80 hours first year)

Restrictions * Must hold FAA Professional Pilot License / Medical.
* Must be legally entitled to live and work in the USA.
How to Apply Email, Online Application Form - see link below
Contact Mr. Peter Schiess,
Director of Recruiting

Ameriflight, LLC
1515 West 20th Street
DFW Airport, Texas 75261
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  • PLEASE RE-READ THIS JOB POSTING – specifically the Experience, Docs, and Citizenship Requirements before you apply.
  • DO NOT APPLY & DO NOT CONTACT this carrier unless you meet all Requirements/Minimums they ask for. No Exceptions.
  • PCC DOES NOT ALLOW employers to ask for money from pilots. Contact us immediately if you are asked to pay to register, etc.
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