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Chief Flight Instructor - DA20 DA40 DA42, Red Bird Sim - Windsor ON

Journey Air Ltd

Chief Flight Instructor - DA20 DA40 DA42 - CYQG

Journey Air

Important: This company has strict nationality & licence requirements
Do not apply and do not contact the carrier unless you meet their restrictions
Note: See nationality and license restrictions below!
Do not apply unless you meet them
Pilot Job Details

• Provide leadership and direction through effective communication to the flight training unit staff and that will work in partnership with management

• Foster teamwork, innovation and encourage staff collaboration and ensures information flow between all team members

• Manage team members individual performance including mentoring, coaching conducting performance reviews assisting with corrective action as required.

• Must meet all the minimum requirements of CFI as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations and be approved by Transport Canada Knowledge of CAR’s

• Provide a high level of customer service to internal and external customers

• Ambitious and willing to work with the company to improve and expand programming

START DATE:  Negotiable

Windsor’s premier aviation training institute, Journey Air boasts an impressive fleet of world-class aircrafts, a top-notch team of qualified instructors, and a diverse portfolio of Transport Canada-certified flight training opportunities that includes one of the country’s fastest growing and most innovative post-secondary aeronautics training programs.
Journey Air is seeking a CFI who is passionate about the education of the next generation of pilots and will work with the company as programing and capacity continues to expand.

The company operates out of a state-of-the-art facility on the Windsor International Airport (YQG) campus. Journey Air lifted off in 2005, when it catered primarily to a hobbyist clientele and stocked its hangars with a modest fleet of Cessnas. Today, the company’s runways showcase world-class composite-construction single-engine Diamond DA20, multi-engine DA42 aircraft and DA40 cross country aircraft.

Windsor is an ideal place for to work and live. The Airport boasts all the benefits of a larger metropolitan air travel hub, but its manageable size and relatively low traffic volume. Additionally, Windsor’s affordable cost of living, mild climate, lakes and proximity to all the amenities of America’s comeback star Detroit.


The Chief Flight Instructor of our flight training unit shall be responsible for operational control.

The Chief Flight Instructor for the flight training unit shall be responsible for:

- Management of the overall pilot training program;
- The supervision of all flight and ground instructors of the flight training unit;
- The direct supervision of Class 4 flight instructors, including the designation of a Class 1 or Class 2 flight instructor to supervise a Class 4 flight instructor;

- Approving of the appointment of ground instructors;
- The quality and content of ground instruction and flight training provided by the flight training unit;

- The content and accuracy of Pilot Training Records, course reports, student pilot permits issued, licence applications and any other documents which form part of the training process;

* Ensuring that flight instruction is based on the contents of the appropriate flight instructor guide;
* Ensuring that the daily flight record is sued for operational control;

* Ensuring that all appropriate publications including the Canadian Aviation Regulations, Aeronautical Information Publication Canada, Canada Flight Supplement, Flight Instructor Guide, and the applicable manual on human factors, are readily available to trainees and amended to date;

* Maintaining a current copy of training publications, charts maps and any other material required for the ground instruction and flight training of trainees;

* Ensuring that all solo training flights are properly authorized by a flight instructor and acknowledged by the trainee;
Restrictions * Must hold Canadian Professional Pilot Licence / Medical.
* Must be legally entitled to live and work in Canada.
How to Apply Email
Contact HR Manager

Journey Air Ltd.
2600 Airport Road Box B4
Windsor, Ontario
N8V 1A1

Tel:  519-969-3232
Journey Air Pilot School website
  • PLEASE RE-READ THIS JOB POSTING – specifically the Experience, Docs, and Citizenship Requirements before you apply.
  • DO NOT APPLY & DO NOT CONTACT this carrier unless you meet all Requirements/Minimums they ask for. No Exceptions.
  • PCC DOES NOT ALLOW employers to ask for money from pilots. Contact us immediately if you are asked to pay to register, etc.
Journey Air Ltd. Profile

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