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China Southern - Tasman Av.

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Minimum Requirements:


  • Be a national of a country with diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.
  • Hold a current, valid ATPL and Medical Certificate. 
  • Citizen of a member state of ICAO.
  • English level of ICAO 4 or above.
  • No criminal record.


  • 6,000 hours flight time in a turboprop or jet aircraft.
  • 3,000 PIC experience hours in the multi-engine, multi-crew commercial jet aircraft, with an MTOW above 50 tons.
  • PIC Experience/Age Limitation.
  • Flight on type within 180 days and the last proficiency check is valid.
  • Category IILS endorsement.
  • If A330 Type Rated: 1,000 hours PIC on Type and Age at Application of less than 56.
  • If not A330 Type Rated: 1,000 PIC hours in current type (MTOW greater 136 tons), and Age at Application less than 55 ..... OR .... 2,000 PIC hours in current type (MTOW less than 136 tons), and Age at Application less than 50.

* Excellent Renumeration.  Tax Free Salaries.
* 4-Pilot ULR Ops to Australia, Europe, Middle East (Dubai) -- 2 CA, 2 FO.
* Healthy Roster Patterns - averaging 80 hours per month.
* Remote Rostering from Australia.

How to Apply Online Application - see below
Contact Mr. Blair Brownlee, Recruiter

Tasman Aviation
c/o PCC
PR China
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  • PLEASE RE-READ THIS JOB POSTING – specifically the Experience, Docs, and Citizenship Requirements before you apply.
  • DO NOT APPLY & DO NOT CONTACT this carrier unless you meet all Requirements/Minimums they ask for. No Exceptions.
  • PCC DOES NOT ALLOW employers to ask for money from pilots. Contact us immediately if you are asked to pay to register, etc.
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