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15,000+ Visitors a Day

Visitors a Day

  • Promote your Company thru our Pilot Training Affiliate Program or Banner Advertisement Options.
  • Take advantage of our website’s massive popularity and high traffic levels... locally, globally.
  • Let PCC help you fill your Ground Schools, Training Aircraft, and Simulators with new students.

PCC is the Ultimate Online Resource for Pilots and Future Aviators.

PCC was founded in 2001 and has helped thousands of new and experienced pilots, from all over the world, move forward in their aviation careers. Our informative website is strongly placed on the world-wide-web as a true leader in the aviation industry. The website is updated daily, upgraded on a regular basis, and is visited by thousands of users located all over the world. On September 2nd, 2014, we set another Day Traffic Record – welcoming over 22,000 users to the PCC website. Our average daily traffic is now above 15,000 pilots / future-pilots each day.

We have three levels of Training School Listings:
  1. Free Listing
  2. Pilot Training Affiliate
  3. High Impact Banner Advertiser / Pilot Training Affiliate

For specific information regarding the three options, see below and/or see this PDF file

Why Be Listed?

Our website features a comprehensive directory of Flight Schools and Pilot Training Options. Each and every day a significant number of our visitors begin planning their Pilot Training by conducting research on our website. We regularly receive emails from future pilots, and parents, looking into Flight Training Options, and asking for our advice regarding Flight Schools etc.

What is Unique About PCC?

Our website is extremely popular; attracting a focused group of ready-and-willing, industry=specific users. In other words, your Flight Training Organization will be seen by a unique demographic made up of high-income professionals interested in Pilot Training, College Academies, Type Rating TRTO’s, Aviation News, Pilot Jobs, Career Insight, Air Carrier Updates, Pilot Resume-CV Design, and Interview Preparation Services.

What are the Main Differences between the 3 Types of Training School Listings?

As mentioned above, there are three levels of Training School Listings on PCC:

  • Free Listing Service: The free listing option allows your Training School to appear in our directories based upon your Training Category and Region. Each company must initially complete a simple form that will help us to verify legitimate businesses and maintain our quality standards. A sample of a free listing can be seen here.

  • Pilot Training Affiliate Program: This premium service enables a school to create an online presence within our popular website with priority listing, advanced formatting, live links, and a detailed description/promotion of your business, training options, specialties, etc. The intent of the Pilot Training Affiliate Program is to allow Professional Training Organizations to promote their schools effectively at a low cost.

    Please see this PDF file for detailed information on the many benefits of becoming a Pilot Training Affiliate of PCC.

  • High Impact Banner Advertiser + Pilot Training Affiliate Status: This premium service enables Flight Training Organizations to create and post High Banner Impact Advertisements on our popular website with live links back to their corporate websites. This is the top listing option within PCC and involves all the priority listing, advanced formatting, live linking, and detailed description/promotion of the Pilot Training Affiliate Program, in addition to 670 by 90 pixel High Impact (Strategic) Banner Ads. The intent of the High Impact Banner Ad Program is to allow Professional Training Organizations to promote their schools in a big way within our popular website. NOTE: Our team often helps schools with the photos, banner ads, and promotional statements to be used within their premium profile within PCC. Contact us at ads@pilotcareercenter.com for more information.

    Please see this PDF file for detailed information on the many benefits of becoming a High Impact Banner Advertiser + Pilot Training Affiliate on PCC.

How do I add my Flight Training business to the PCC Directory?

If you are new to PCC and would like your business to be included in our extensive Flight School and Training Directory, please complete our Free Listing Online Form.

What is the difference between a Pilot Training Affiliate & General Advertising?

The Pilot Training Affiliate Program and High Impact Banner Ad options are designed exclusively to promote specific Flight Schools and Training Institutions listed in our directory. General Advertising caters to all other businesses that want to take advantage of our high traffic levels and place 670 by 90 pixel Banner Ads within our popular website. For more information on General Advertising on PCC go here.

Contact us today for more information: ads@pilotcareercenter.com

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