New Pilots

Prairie College | Mission Aviation

Pilot Training and Flight School in Alberta, Canada

Flight Training Provided
PPL - Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Multi Engine IFR/IR, Multi Engine Sim Training, Tail Wheel Pilot Training, Aerobatic Training, Mountain Training
Additional Ground School / Seminars
Aviation Diploma (College/University Program), PPL, CPL, ME, IFR, IR
Flight College or University Program
Flight College: Prairie College | Mission Aviation
Home Airport(s)
CEN3 - Three Hills Airport
Single Engine and Simulators
C172 Cessna Skyhawk, C182 Cessna Skylane, Citabria 7ECA and 7GCBC Aerobats.
Multi-Engine and Simulators
2 PA34 Piper Seneca Multi-Engine IFR Trainers.
Flight School Address
Prairie School of Mission Aviation
Box 4000
Three Hills, Alberta
T0M 2N0
Tel: 403 443-2349
Flight Training Contacts
Mr. Otis Lippitt, Chief Flight Instructor, Mr. Michael Fox, Operations Manager, Ms. Kalvin Hildebrandt, Program Director
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