New Pilots

EPA Training Center

Pilot Training and Flight School in Brazil, Latin America

Flight Training Provided
PPL - Private Pilot Licence, CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating, Multi Engine IFR/IR, Multi Engine Sim Training
Additional Ground School / Seminars
PPL, CPL, ME, IFR, IR, CRM - Crew Resource Management, Other: EMB 110/120/Jet Training, CFIT/ALAR, RVSM, English for Aviation course.
Home Airport(s)
SBBI - Bacacheri Airport (Curitiba)
SSGB - Guaratuba Airport
Single Engine and Simulators
Cessna 152.
Multi-Engine and Simulators
EMB 110 SIM, EMB 120 SIM, EMBRAER 170/190 EVPT.
Cat D Simulators
ERJ-145 / Legacy 600 SIM.
Flight School Address
EPA Training Center
Sede Curitiba/PR
Aeroporto Bacacheri - Hangar n.º 40
+ 55 41 3356-3636

EPA Training Center
Sede Guaratuba/PR
Aeroporto Municipal de Guaratuba - Hangar n.º 02
+55 41 3442-7700

EPA Training Center
Sede Recife/PE
Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 428 - sala 401
Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE
+55 41 3356-3636

EPA Training Center
Sede Cuiabá/MT
R. Barão de Melgaço, 2.350 - sala 113
+55 41 3356-3636
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