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The Seaplane Operators Page on PCC - See the latest AV News, Air Carrier Updates, Pilot Jobs and much more Harbour Air Twin Otter Seaplane on the way in to Victoria Harbour Terminal
Aviation News /// Seaplane Operators
Viking Air Acquires CL-415 Waterbomber Program 2016/06/21 CANADA
Goa seaplane services hit turbulence before take-off 2016/01/14 ASIA
Air Carrier Updates /// Seaplane Operators
Hai Au Aviation Hiring C208 Seaplane Captains ASIA
Flights North - Tsayta Aviation Address and Bases Updated. CANADA
Sandy Lake Seaplane Service Personnel updated. CANADA
Salt Spring Air Ltd. Company Updated. CANADA
Talon Air, Inc. Wheels Up Florida Service added. USA
Atleo River Air Service Helicopter Fleet, Personnel Updated. CANADA
Kenora Air Service Bases, Fleet Update CANADA
Kenmore Air Hiring Seaplane Pilots USA
Wings Airways Personnel and Info Updated. USA
Bella Coola Air Personnel, URL, Info Updated. CANADA
Pilot Jobs /// Seaplane Operators
Seaplane Pilots - DHC-2 Beaver Harbour Air Seaplanes CANADA
Seaplane Pilot - DHC-3T Turbo Otter - Vancouver Harbour Air Seaplanes CANADA
Seaplane Captains - Caravan C208B-EX Amphib Hai Au Aviation JSC - Vietnam ASIA
Single Pilot PIC - DHC-2, DHC-3 Kenmore Air USA
Float Pilot / Dock hand - Cessna 185F Kenora Air Service CANADA
Line Pilot - DHC-3T Floatplane - Juneau AK Wings Airways USA
Floatplane Pilots - C208F DHC2F C185F Seair Seaplanes CANADA
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